Hello, it’s your friendly Roman Catholic CT Boom editor here.  Unfortunately, the absolute worst span of the year is upon us.  Lent.

But, as many good religious folk do, we abide by the rules that we must give something up for 40 days.

Because Jesus.

Or, sometimes, we decide to be an overachiever and give up multiple things.  Because Jesus, again.

Basically, a good chunk of the population will give up a ton of things Whole 30 style.  And, sadly, some may be more miserable than others.  Here’s hoping your coworkers aren’t the latter.

So, come Wednesday, you’ll see people wandering around in public with an ashy cross drawn on their head.  Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.

Yes, that was sarcasm.  Everyone knows what Ash Wednesday entails.

Honestly, I see Lent as a challenge to better myself and some years hit harder than others.  Some years I feel completely ambitious going in and by day 10, I realize the mistake I made.

Do I complain?  Well… depends on what I give up.  But, I do admit I bask in the sense of accomplishment when I cross the Easter finish line.

Sure, did my sacrifice earn me a place in heaven?  Probably not.  I mean you HAVE read some of my other articles, right?

I enjoy the fact that I set a personal goal and I stuck to it.  You know how rarely that happens to someone like me?

You should see my diet cookbooks and unopened fitness regimen DVDs if you need an illustration.

With that said, this article is for all my fellow Catholics who feel compelled to give something up for Lent.   If you wish to challenge yourself and set the difficulty level to 10, this list is for you.

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