Anyone who’s survived a winter in the Northeast can agree it’s pretty terrible. But at least the shitty winter weather means you’re finally allowed to stay on your couch, watch TV and eat the world just like you always wanted to.


1) Mac and Cheese


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Get fancy if you want or just eat a box of Kraft which is entirely delicious


2) Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup


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There has never been a better combo in history.


3) Meatball Subs


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I was once stuck on a whale watch where every single person was incredibly seasick. I was cold, wet, tired…and ate probably seven meatball subs. I was like 11 years old. True story.


4) Chili


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Nothing says warm like chili does.


5) Fried Chicken


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A comfort food list wouldn’t be right without this.


6) Hangover-style Chinese Food


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Hangover optional.


7) Warm Cookies


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Expert tip for lazy people: Buy the cookies made and pop them in the microwave.


8) Chowder


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You’re winning life if in a bread bowl.


9) French Fries


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The warmth. The smell. The grease.


10) Pizza


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There’s no happier time to live in Connecticut than when you are craving pizza.


11) Warm Pie


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Have a slice…or two…or three. Your couch isn’t telling anyone.


12) Anything Mexican


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For food originating in such a warm country, Mexican food really has this figured out.


13) Ice Cream


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Not at all warm but oh is it comforting. Warmth is what you pay the gas man for.


14) Meatloaf


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Where’s Grandma when you need her? Because you sure aren’t cooking this deliciousness.

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