The 17 Things We’ve Learned from CT BIG 500 Voting

The 17 Things We’ve Learned from CT BIG 500 Voting
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We have closed the voting on the CT BIG 500. Tune into 991 PLR this Friday at 5:30 and all weekend as we count them down.

Unlike other countdowns, we didn’t mess with the votes at all. This list is STRICTLY based on what you the readers voted for. This is all you.

Things we learned from the CT BIG 500 Voting:

1. You love Led Zeppelin. I mean you really really love them. The top 10 is almost gross with Led Zeppelin.



2. Southern Rock is way more popular than we thought? Lynyrd Skynyrd songs we didn’t even know did really well. And the Fabulous Thunderbirds? COME ON!



3.  Staind “Its Been Awhile” is better than the Beatles “A Day in the Life”. That seems wrong…



4. You hate ballads.

images (2)


5. Not one Pearl Jam song in the Top 500. A travesty.



6. That mid 1980s, loving coke and the mainstream blues Eric Clapton holds a special place in your heart.


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7. AC/DC “Big Balls” is better than the Beatles “A Day in the Life”.  Again, seems wrong.




8. Queensryche still matters




9.   “Master of Puppets” doesn’t make the Top 500.



10. You wish Stevie Ray Vaughan never got in that helicopter




11. The late 1960s was the most important music period.



12. You’ve forgotten how awesome Aerosmith was.




13. When you think Blue Oyster Cult, you think “Godzilla” for some reason.




14. 3 Doors Down ahead of Nirvana. Kurt Cobain just died again. (Smells Like Teen Spirit, number 444)

3 Doors Down logo




15.  There is a Kid Rock song in the Top 100




16.  Hey Jude is number 339.




17.  Stairway to Heaven is not number 1


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Numb Nuts
Numb Nuts

song generator is seriously flawed, needs improvement big time, a top 500 should have been based on songs input by the public and then spit out to vote one against the other. This is biased based on who programed the generator.

Really no Pearl Jam and you get Queenryche? SAD


Other artists left out of the Song Generator. Chicago, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Ten Years After (How the hell do you leave out Alvin Lee!), Peter Frampton, The Moody Blues, Three Dog Night, Joe Cocker, Velvet Underground, Steve Winwood with or without Traffic, Joe Satriani, Fleetwood Mac, Montrose, Pat Travers, REO Speedwagon, Little Feat, Canned Heat, Mott the Hoople, The Yardbirds, Humble Pie, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - I could keep going but you probably get the idea. Might have made for a more interesting list if we added more artists. Look at all the tunes we heard during the 1776 week!


It's a shame there were so many great songs missing from the "Song Generator". I didn't see one Bob Dylan song - or Dave Mason - or Johnny Winter - or The Outlaws - just to name a few. How is that possible? 1 Deep Purple song - 1 Foghat song - What? They had more than just Smoke on the Water and Slow Ride! 3 Sabbath Tunes. 1 ELP tune. Please! Talk about a distorted list of choices. Probably so much Led Zep at the top 'cause Zep tunes came up in the generator almost as often as Van Halen and who they were up against wasn't much of a contest. Song Generator needs a little tweaking IMHO. I'll still listen, though. And yes - I wish SRV didn't die in that helicopter crash. Saw one of his last shows in Bristol @ Lake Compounce with Joe Cocker. Amazing show. Signed, @Rocknrollpastor