Trust me, I completely understand that smartphone prices are out of control.  Why do we even need a $1,000 phone?  What’s it got that nobody else does?  (Answer: nothing.)  But,  this is the world we live in.  We need smartphones.  So, if you’re tired of high fees, spotty coverage, and expensive smartphones, now’s the perfect time to switch to Metro PCS..

And you won’t even have to touch your tax return to switch because they have a free phone event going on right now!

If you have no idea what Metro PCS is, allow me to drop some knowledge on you.  It’s the fifth largest wireless brand in the US, so you know you’ll have great coverage.  Plus, this company refuses to throttle your internet so you experience fast and reliable service all the time.

Also, a big difference between Metro PCS and your service provider comes down to the bill.  Everyone hates those hidden charges that clobber you every time your monthly statement comes in.  Well, Metro PCS doesn’t believe in that because, at one time, they were frustrated customers just like you.

So frustrated, in fact, they have unlimited data plans for as low as $30 a month.  Yes, no hidden fees, taxes, or anything else to disturb that beautifully even-numbered price.

Oh, yeah, one last thing… no annual contracts.  So if you buy your phone through them, they won’t force you to wait two years for your next upgrade.

Now that we established some of the basics, now let’s talk about their Best Free Phone Event Ever.   They have tons of phones for you to choose from and they won’t cost you a dime.  All you have to do to score a free phone is make the switch!

And, after looking at their extensive list of freebies, here’s the four best ones to upgrade to for no cost.


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