Coming from a Connecticut real estate background, I can appreciate the beauty and hard work that goes into creating a spectacular home.  In my time I sold plenty of cookie cutter raised ranches, the “IBM” colonials that were the rage, and the boring-ass cape that sparked no creativity.  All those homes were fine, and many were very affordable.

Every once in a while though a property catches my eye and I know that it could never be financially possible for me to own, but I respect the work that the owners put into it.  That happened when I stumbled across an article today from the Wall Street Journal discussing a North Stonington, Connecticut farm that had been constructed into a $3,950,000 family retreat.

When the owners saw the 115 acre property, they fell in love with the hay, and rolling hills, but it was the rock flooring on the hayloft that really sold them.  They thought it would be perfect for a basketball court.

Hm.  That would never cross my mind.

And despite the fact that this family used this home as simply a “weekend retreat”, the couple lives in Bronxville, NY., they transformed an antique old barn into a high-end luxury home with a ton of character.  That I can appreciate.  New construction is nice but when you can take something with history and recreate it to become functional and beautiful, that deserves a nod of approval.

Now that the kids have grown they don’t need the weekend retreat anymore, and despite the fact that I will never be able to afford this level of luxury, I love that it exists.  A beautiful preserved piece of Connecticut history turned into a luxury home.

This home is listed by Seaboard Properties and they are no strangers to high-end luxury homes.  They may have sold the most famous high end home of all time in the North East, Taylor Swift’s Rhone Island mansion.



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