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Forbes.com recently came out with the percentage of students in each major that received at least one job offer before graduating in 2013. Here are the top 6 on the list.

1.) Computer Science (70%)

If you’ve got that tech gene that many others (including myself) envy than take it and run. Computer Science majors seem to be having little trouble finding jobs in today’s market. Some of the most common areas these students go into are software/systems engineering, business analysts, and web developing. Since we are just at the beginning of the Information Age computer expertise is only going to become more valuable in the job market, which is bad news for those of us whose only strategy to solve computer problems is blindly smashing buttons.

2.) Economics (61.5%)

The job market for economists has been growing since the end of World War II when businesses began to hire economists. Nowadays both large corporations and small firms hire economists as financial advisors, market research analysts, and more. Not only does economics provide a plentiful job market, it also can work as a stepping-stone to higher-level positions. Many corporate CEOs rose to their positions through the economics division of their respective companies.

3.) Engineering (59%)

Engineering is known as one of the best majors for getting students high paying jobs. Those interested in engineering have the choice of many areas of study including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering. Many of these engineering jobs rank on the lists of highest salaries and students land these jobs at a successful rate, and with good reason, as these are often the students who refer to having a good time as taking a 10-minute study break in the library.

4.) Business Administration/Accounting (54.3%)

Business Administration programs offer students the opportunity to pursue a broad business background. For instance the Business Administration program at Albertus Magnus covers accounting, finance, and general business in their studies. This major yields an employment rate of over 50% right out of college, while Accounting has an even higher rate on its own at 61.2%. The business industry will only continue to grow and a Business Administration degree is an effective avenue to finding a foothold in the industry.

5.) Sociology (42.5%)

Liberal Arts students can now take a sigh of relief. There is hope! As the first Liberal Arts major on this list Sociology majors can find a balance between helping others and staying within a stable job market. If sociological research is not your preference many sociology programs offer different concentrations within their department. At Albertus Magnus students are given the option to choose from sociology concentrations such as criminal justice, general sociology, social work and social welfare, or urban studies.

6.) Mathematics/Statisticians (40.3%)

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers! While some view Mathematics as a restrictive degree, that is not the case. For those who can’t get enough of numerical data a Mathematics degree provides opportunities to pursue numbers-centric careers in a variety of different fields. Knowing how to deal with numbers is a valuable skill in today’s society and can be transferable to an individual’s preferences. Mathematicians are highly prized in Computer Science (mentioned above) but also can pursue careers in areas such as teaching, finance, operations research, and much more.

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