By: Will Hiza

If you’re from Connecticut and you’ve watched sports, you’ve probably seen some of these famous athletes play on TV. One thing you may not have known is that some of those athletes are from right her in CT. I know it’s crazy to think that this small state with no major professional sports teams could have produced famous athletes, but it’s true. CT has athletes from all over CT playing professionally in all different kinds of sports.


Brian Leetch from Cheshire, CT. Though Leetch was technically born in Texas, his family moved to Cheshire when he was three months old. Leetch spent his 18 seasons as an NHL Defenseman for the New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Boston Bruins. Leetch was a nine time all-star (90-92, 94, 96-98, 01-02). Leetch won the James Norris Memorial Trophy twice (92, 97) for the best defensemen of the year. He won the Calder Memorial trophy for rookie of the year (89) and the Conn Smythe Trophy (94) for MVP of the playoffs. He won the Stanley Cup in 1994 with the New York Rangers. Leetch is 76th all-time in points, 36th all-time in assists, and 36th all-time in shots. Leetch had a very solid career as a two-way defensemen. Lastly, Leetch’s +/- career numbers were top of the line especially on the power play. Leetch is 11th all-time in goals on ice for during a power play and ranks 18th all-time for total goals on ice for. Leetch will go down in history as one of the greatest two-way defensemen of all-time. Leetch will hopefully one day be voted into the NHL Hall of Fame.

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