Halloween is a week from tomorrow. Every year around this time the National Retail Federation (yes that’s a real thing) releases their annual list of the ‘Top Halloween Costumes’ based on what’s selling in all the stores.TopHalloweenCostumes_Image-w-caption

Photo: National Retail Federation

No surprise here really. Although seeing adult Minions running around this Halloween might be legitimate  nightmare fuel.

If you haven’t decided on what to dress up as for Halloween yet my advice would be to choose nothing from that list.

Here are some great Connecticut themed costume ideas that will be much better than anyone else at all the Halloween parties you go to this year.


8. A Slice of Pepe’s Pizza

Not sure why it took me 30 years to realize that I should just be Pizza for Halloween. #Pizza #Halloween #boo

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7. A Hartford Whaler

6. A Giant Toll Booth

5. A Two Roads Beer Bottle

Autumn fun #tworoads #applepicking #roadsmary

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4. Malloy & Beluga Whale (couples costume)

3 Scot Haney

2. Drunk UCONN Mac & Cheese Kid

1. A Yard Goat


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