The 8 People Who Prove Even Connecticut Can Get Its Hands Dirty

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Connecticut gangsters. No, this is not an oxymoron contest. If it were, I’d have everyone beat with “jumbo shrimp.” Contrary to popular belief, the great state of Connecticut has a history that oozes (yeah, oozes) corruption, murder and gang violence. So the next time one of your Jersey or New York friends tries to give you crap by calling Connecticut soft, pull up this list that will silence the non-believers faster than you can say “Racketeer Influence and Corruptions Act.”

8. Ernest Newton

This guy could have been a star on HBO’s “The Wire.” The self proclaimed “moses of the people” served as a Connecticut senator for 18 years until he was incarcerated for political corruption in 2007. The recovering crack addict accepted bribes, illegally wiretapped,funneled money out of his non-profit organization, and eventually was charged on 9 felony accounts. Best of all, this guy still wants to be a political figure now that he’s out of jail.

7. Joseph Ganim

The former mayor of Bridgeport was convicted of leveraging his position to receive kickbacks from city contractors. Exactly how much money did Ganim see as a result of this? A cool $500,000. He was the freakin’ mayor of Bridgeport. Don’t worry though, he was succeeded by none other than John Fabrizi, who was caught on tape using cocaine while in office. Sounds like his last name was the only clean thing about him. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.

6. John G. Rowland

The former Governor of Connecticut was hailed throughout his political career for his financial prowess. All was fine and dandy for Rowland until he resigned in 2004 as a result of corruption allegations involving bribes and the use of state money. Soon after, he spent a solid year in the clink and several months of house-arrest to boot. The former Governor blamed his actions on his “sense of entitlement” and “arrogance.” Yeah Rowland, no shit.

5. Aaron Hernandez

There was no way this guy wasn’t making it onto this list. The Bristol bimbo himself has been on the front page of nearly every CT news or sports site for the past month. I usually believe in “innocent until proven guilty,” but I make my own rules in my articles. That’s probably the least badass thing I have ever said. Still, the former Pro-Bowl Tight End deserves to be on this list because all of the evidence against him is so remarkable that it makes you wonder if the guy has even seen an episode of Law and Order.

4. 50 Cent

Ok fine, the dude sold out and chose bathing in cash because of a vitaminwater investment instead of staying a drug kingpin. You can’t really blame the guy, I mean have you seen his place in Farmington on MTV Cribs? Sheesh. Regardless, the rapper coined the phrase “get rich or die tryin’” so he will forever be a gangster in my book.

3. Martha Stewart

Make fun of our Connecticut “Martha Stewart clones” all you want. The dame of deliciousness (I’m trying my best out here) is best known for her TV shows, cookbooks, wedding planning, and financial illegal activity. At the height of her success, Stewart was charged with accounts of fraud, insider trading, and obstruction of justice. After spending a controversial 5 months in prison (some wouldn’t even call it that), Stewart was back on her grind and making millions. Still, she will always be a perfect symbol for Connecticut corruption, considering the fact that for decades she would have been the last person you’d expect to do time, no matter how cushy that “time” may have been.

2. Richard Bush

The man many people consider to be Bridgeport’s “original gangster” has a track record that dates back 30 years and has a police record that would make Tony Soprano cry in his sleep. His mob, many people believe, is responsible for the majority of the Bridgeport drug trade in the 1990s, which I could only assume was kind of a thing. Also, apparently the dude couldn’t get out of the game, no matter how many times he was thrown in jail.Only recently after getting out of prison, Bush was arrested in regards to cocaine sales that were done right out of his Bridgeport home. Is anyone else sensing a trend here?

1. Tommy Marra

At last, another Bridgeport psychopath. The imprisoned former Bridgeport car thief-turned-murderer made the news again only a year ago, after a failed attempt to finagle his way out of prison. How much of a gangster was Marra in his day? I don’t know where to start, except with telling you that Marra was infamous for stuffing his victims in metal drums and throwing them in the local river. Yikes.


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