It’s that time of year again. When everyone in the state of Connecticut pretends to be Irish so they can get hammered in the streets at parades. A tradition like no other.

This weekend’s St. Pats festivities kick off Saturday with both Hartford and Milford hosting their annual parades. Then Sunday it’s onto New Haven. Which historically is the craziest of them all.

Even if you do not plan on getting blackout drunk and yelling at parade floats you should at least attend one of these parades just for the phenomenal people watching. It’s amazing.

Here are the type of people you will absolutely come across.


1. “The Overly Excited Mom”

Yelling too loud, giving the red solo cup salute to every dance troop and police officer who walks by, the most obnoxious “Woooooooo!!” every five seconds. We’ve all been to parades before lady. Act like it.

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