Anyone else feeling a little bit queasy?  If so, that’s because we breathe some of the most polluted air in the nation.  All but one CT county earned a failing grade in air quality.

Westport Now reports that the American Lung Association issued their 2018 “State of the Air” report.  Unfortunately, when it came to CT, they had nothing nice to say about us.

In fact, they ranked us among the most polluted in the nation.  This means we nutmeggers have a greater risk of premature death.

Even worse, one county of ours scored in the top 25 worst places for ozone pollution.  Fairfield County is officially the 19th most ozone-polluted county in America.

Even more shameful was the fact that this happened to be the ONLY eastern county to make the list. The remaining top 24 counties were all western areas.

Also, CT ranked the worst state for air quality east of the  Mississippi.

Also, every county in CT, sans one, all failed their air quality test.  Only Tolland County received a “D” rating for their air quality.

Jeff Seyler, chief division officer of American Lung Association, bemoaned the findings:

“Unhealthful levels of ozone found throughout Connecticut put our residents at risk for premature death and other serious health effects.”

To have some of the most polluted air in the nation puts residents at risk for developing lung cancer and asthma.   It also greatly increases our chances of developing lung diseases like COPD.

The association also found another alarming detail. Every county, sans Tolland, experienced a tremendous amount of “high ozone” days.

Those days happen when weather conditions create high levels of ozone near the ground.  When that happens, it attacks our health even more.

During those days, residents should reduce their emissions and stay indoors if they have a weak immune system or lung issues.

As for things we can do to reduce our pollution, we are kinda stuck.  Most of our pollution blows in from out of state: the Brunner Island Power Plant in PA.  The plant burns coal and natural gas.

Even though the DEEP sued the EPA for allowing this to happen, nothing came of it.  So, that’s why we tend to have some of the most polluted air in the nation.

Fun, right?

However, our traffic definitely doesn’t help either considering all the running cars stuck in hour long traffic jams every day of the week.

In short, our air quality sucks and we might die faster from lung problems than from being taxed to death.  Nice.

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