It’s May, and high schoolers all over Connecticut are super-excited about attending their senior prom. They’re getting fitted for tuxes and dresses, renting limos, and posing for awkward picture. It’s a right of passage – not nearly as important as people always seem to think it is, but hey, that’s just how it goes.

However, imagine getting all that stuff together, and then finding out you’ve been banned from the prom for the most incredible of reasons – overdue library fines. And that’s exactly what’s going on at Bristol Eastern High School. And it’s not just a handful of students – there are more than 150 that haven’t paid their fines!!!

What’s most hilarious to me is the reaction from some of the students. They’re complaining that they should have been informed more than two weeks prior to the prom (even though it’s in the student handbook they received freshman year that they never read) or that it’s too much money or whatever nonsense they want to make up.

Listen, these are fictional problems, and it’s 100% your own fault if you can’t follow the rules. They exist for a reason, you were told about them, you have no cause to complain. In fact, I say the fines should be even higher because who is even checking books out of the library in 2014 anymore?!? Seriously, the Internet exists and it’s completely free. Just reach into your pocket and pull it out on your phone. If you can’t get all your sources for your papers there, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to graduate anyway (funny enough, that’s another consequence of not paying overdue library fines).


Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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