If you live in Connecticut you’ve most likely seen a bear recently. For the last few years the amount of bears popping up in Connecticut backyards, patios, and decks has skyrocketed. It has now reached national news level coverage with AP posting a story about it today.

Here’s the thing. Bears have every right to roam this green earth as much as they want. Yes, even in your backyard here in the Nutmeg State. Just because you plopped down your giant house here doesn’t mean bears, or any animals for that matter, are automatically banished from going near it. After all they were here well before we arrived.

As AP reports Connecticut is one of the only states in the northeast that still does not allow bear hunting. GOOD! It should stay that way. The solution isn’t to just “kill ’em all”. The solution is for us to be smarter and more respectful of our black bear neighbors. Hunting bears does nothing to resolve “human vs bear” conflicts. Hunters are killing bears deep in the woods not the bears walking into your fancy fire pit patio. It really isn’t that hard to coexist with these bears. Stop being lazy with your trash. Bring the trash cans inside at night. Keep food contained inside them. Make sure that grill is clean and away from the house when you’re not using it. Then just be careful with pets and young kids when outside. See, it’s simple.

Team Bear.


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