Here kitty, kitty, kitty!   The Beardsley Zoo is now home to two of the world’s rarest animal: the Amur Tiger.  It’s the largest cat in the world.

Newtown Daily Voice says her name is Changhai and she’s 10-years-old.    Sadly, Changhai is also close to being among the last of her kind.

The zoo is placing a lot of faith in Changhai.  She’s here because of breeding purposes.  Yep, she’s expected to shack up with Petya, the zoo’s male tiger.  Apparently, she’s a perfect match.

Zoo Director Gregg Dancho says that everything is going swimmingly so far.

“Chang is a beautiful tiger and is getting along very nicely with our zoo staff, and with Petya.  […] We gave her ample time to become comfortable with her new surroundings and now she’s very much at home in her exhibit.”

As of now, only 500 Amur/Siberian tigers exist in the wild.  So, here’s hoping her advocacy at the Beardsley Zoo helps inspire the conservation of her species.

In the past 100 years, four of the nine subspecies of the tiger have gone extinct.  You can thank poaching, deforestation, or also global warming for this sad turn of events.  Either way, it’s no bueno.  So, the zoos are doing what they can to save what we already have.

So, if you wanna catch sight of her, you can find her near the cafe.  She’ll be hanging out daily between 9AM and 4PM.

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