Everybody that’s from the Northeast knows the Beardsley Zoo. Tigers, elephants at one point in time, tiger cubs, and the peacocks that run around the entire zoo!

That’s why when news came down that they received a $1 million dollar donation from longtime donor Pamela Hope Kochiss-Werth, the reaction was one of shock, in the best way.

After the birth of four endangered Amur tiger cubs in November, 2017, two of which survived, the zoo began a campaign to create a new, more spacious home for its valuable tigers. Kochiss-Werth stepped forward with a birthday check for the two female tigers, Reka and Zeya, earmarked for a new tiger habitat. The zoo celebrated the cubs’ first birthday on Sunday.

So, on behalf on everyone that gets to enjoy the new baby cubs and the zoo for generations to come, thank you to Pamela Hope Kochiss-Werth!

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