Meg’s (AKA my) Favorite Ice Cream Spots

1.  Durham Dari Serve

I grew up eating ice cream here.  I remember it went from a place with a small parking lot where cows lazed about in the field just behind it… to a local attraction.  And for good reason.  That’s because Durham Dari Serve serves up gigantic sundaes and has delicious creamy soft serve.  Their hard ice cream menu is also one of the largest I’ve seen.  Totally 100% worth the wait in line.

2. Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream

These guys ROCK the hard ice cream game.  While they have a super long menu of flavors, they also have some delicious frozen yogurt.  Plus, all their ice cream is handmade AT their location.  So, you really can’t get any fresher than that!

3. Fish Family Farm Creamery & Dairy (Bolton, CT)

This place made me fall in love with Jersey cow milk.  Delicious rich and creamy ice cream, even more delicious chocolate Jersey cow milk, and they also allow you to take a tour of their barn!  All in all, a top experience.  Heck, head five minutes down the road and grab a burger from Shady Glen while you’re at it!



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