Just like in our definitive pizza topping list, for our ice cream topping list we polled 8 CT Boom writers and asked for their top 3 favorite ice cream toppings. I went ahead and gave each topping a vote any time it was mentioned. Here is the breakdown:

Individual Topping Winner

  1. Hot Fudge (5 votes): There’s no denying which topping is king. Ask anyone on the planet to close their eyes and imagine an ice cream sundae. Then ask that person if there’s hot fudge on it. If they say no, they are first on the wall when the revolution comes. I mean, come on, half the people I know call it a “hot fudge sundae” in the first place. The hot fudge is almost as important as the ice cream itself.
  2. TIE – Oreo Crumble & Whipped Cream (4 votes): Yes. A million times yes. This is my dream sundae, right here. The best vanilla ice cream in the world, topped with crumbled up Oreos, some homemade whipped cream, and a generous drizzle of hot fudge. Read that and tell me your mouth isn’t watering already. I could down 18 of these on a hot summer day and not even blink.
  3. TIE – Peanut Butter Sauce & Caramel Sauce (3 votes): I understand these votes, but it doesn’t mean I have to like them. Peanut butter and caramel are classic sweet-tooth ingredients. They’re delicious. But when I think about ice cream, I think about that delicate combination of sweet, cold, and refreshing – something to relieve you from the oppressive heat and humidity on a classic New England summer day. And I don’t know about you, but thick peanut butter and sticky caramel do not make me feel refreshed.
  4. Rainbow Sprinkles (2 votes): I think it’s fair to give rainbow sprinkles a nod here. They’re something many of us grow up with, they’re fun to look at, they add a nice little crunch to your ice cream, and if your ice cream server has a heavy hand, you can brag that you got more sprinkles than your friends and/or siblings. But just because I think it’s fair to give them a vote, it doesn’t mean that I did. I mean, when you only have three votes to give, let’s get serious here. Rainbow sprinkles don’t actually enhance a sundae. There’s no flavor. There’s no aroma. The crunch they provide could be better provided by literally any other candy that would also add a delicious new flavor to the mix. The color is kind of appealing, I guess, but there are more important things to worry about than how colorful your sundae is.
  5. TIE – Gummie Candy, M&Ms, Reese’s, & Chocolate Chips (1 vote): Believe it or not, there is such a thing as doing too much when it comes to your ice cream sundae, and these people are doing exactly that. M&Ms? Reese’s? Gummy worms and/or bears? Stop, you have gone way too far. Ice cream is surprisingly perfect when you keep it simple. Want some extra chocolate? Hot fudge. Want some peanut butter? Peanut butter sauce is still insane, but at least you’re not paying for a brand name. Want gummies? Then eat some damn gummies and stop acting like you want ice cream in the first place! Any of these crazy toppings makes the ice cream a secondary character in its own show. If you do that, then you’re just doing ice cream wrong.
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