Not gonna lie, if you don’t have a job lined up after graduating college, things tend to get a little tricky.  You need to have a Plan B.

Sure, a fraction of you can navigate the sea of job openings on the S.S. Nepotism.  If push comes to shove, mommy and daddy will throw you a flotation device.   Let’s be honest; no parent wants to see their child fail.  Especially since America’s economy as a whole is practically limping following that nasty recession.

But, to be totally real, parents kicking the door down for their kid isn’t exactly common.   Or easy.  And chances are that a majority of kids don’t want to follow in their parents’ shoes.

So, some kids decide to move to an area with greener pastures.  In some states, it is easier for recent grads to land some form of employment relatively quickly.  Those states offer bustling cities chock full of job openings in an array of careers.

However, in Connecticut, the options can seem somewhat finite.  Turns out, though, that’s really not the case!

NBC Connecticut got their hands on a list chronicling the 10 best post-grad jobs in the state.  The information came from a career information website called Zippia… so who knows how accurate it is.  But still, we’ll take it.

Their list is based on the overall number of available positions that require a college degree, average annual salary, and projected growth of the industry as a whole over the next 10 years.

Because we’re living in the era of technology, nabbing a degree in computer science basically guarantees you a leg above the competition.

So, without further adieu, here’s the 10 best entry-level jobs for all you soon-to-be graduates out there.

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