Here’s what I know about Connecticut, we LOVE big box wholesale clubs.  Between BJ’s and Costco, most of us have enough toilet paper to last until the Apocalypse.  That being said, it gets a little shady when it comes down to what items you can buy generic and which you should stay away from.  According to Consumer Reports, these are the five Costco brands that are just as good, if not better, than the original creators.

1.  Laundry detergent.  The Kirkland brand at Costco was just as good as Tide at getting stains out.  Same results but it costs you about 11 cents a load that’s a bargain compared to 25 cents a load for Tide.

2.  Bacon.  The generic brand cooked up just as crispy and is just as delicious but will cost you about $1.50 less per pound.

3.  Organic chicken stock.  A case of six 32-ounce jugs at Costco costs about $12 about half as much as the big name brands- and let’s be honest, it’s all the same.

4.  Mayonnaise.  They did a blind taste test, and no one could tell the difference between the Kirkland mayo and the name brand stuff.  Kirkland costs on average 40% less.

5.  Batteries.  The Kirkland batteries were just as good as Duracell.  But if you’re hellbent on Duracell don’t deprive yourself.  They only cost a few cents more per battery.

So before you hate yourself for buying “generic” and having a lifetime supply of crappy mayo you’ll never use, end the self-loathing and know that these are really the same- And you’re saving some cash too!


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