I love drive-in movie theaters. They’re so much fun. You basically have a party in or around your car and watch a movie outside during the summer. I like to bring a lounge chair and set it up with a big blanket and some beers. You should try it if you haven’t yet.

If you’ve never been to an outdoor movie theater at all- then you definitely need to experience it. The amount of drive-in theaters are dwindling and it won’t be long before there are none left. So you have to take advantage now!

Southington Drive-In has a lot of history too. It first opened in 1955 and then closed in early 2000. The town rallied to open it back up and now it’s community owned and volunteers help run it all summer. It truly is a local gem. The proceeds are also donated to non-profits, so you’re helping people out by going!

AND it’s cheap! 10 dollars for Southington residents and 15 dollars for non-residents. Compare that to a regular movie theater and it’s a much better deal.

Here is the schedule for this summer: JAWS IS GONNA BE AMAZING!

via Southington Drive In Facebook

via Southington Drive In Facebook

Top Image: Southington Drive-in Facebook

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