The city of Hartford has been overrun, by rats. Seriously. Rodent-related calls logged with the city’s 311 information system increased in 2018 to 144, up from 126 a year prior. But more calls and emails have poured into Hartford’s health department, which responds to the complaints but doesn’t keep a running tally.

With the cold weather finally hitting, the rodents are making their way from the frigid outside to people’s homes. Dumpsters are a huge issue, trash cans, and people’s houses are now priority number one for these rodents, regardless of the owner of any property wants them or not!

The areas most effected are the South End and Blue Hills, simply because “all of these animals’s habitats are being changed rapidly.”

Inspectors are saying to leave pellets, traps, and cover any exposed holes in basements, doors, windows, and siding on your house to prevent the critters from getting in.



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