Well, that didn’t take long. It’s been less than a week since a Connecticut liquor store chain sued the state over it’s minimum pricing law for booze, and already a second store is joining the fight.

Earlier this week, we looked at Total Wine & More’s new lawsuit challenging a law that forbids liquor stores from selling wine and liquor below cost with only small exceptions. In addition to filling the suit, Total Wine & More decided to up and stop following the law.

Well, lawbreaking loves company, apparently. Stamford’s BevMax isn’t joining the lawsuit, but they are joining the effort to disregard the minimum pricing law. According to the New Haven Register, the company announced that it would begin selling wine and liquor below cost in an effort to protect their market.

The Connecticut Liquor Control Division is investigating both stores, but apparently that’s not enough to stop them. They believe the law is unfair and that’s enough for them to justify not following it. And while that makes me nervous about what other laws other places are blatantly ignoring (please tell me restaurants have more respect for the health code than this…), it will be interesting to see what happens here. Even if Total Wine & More wins the lawsuit, will they face fines for breaking the law while it was still in effect? If they lose, will the fines be that much worse? There’s no way to know until the whole things settled, but both of these liquor stores seem very comfortable betting on themselves.

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