The day has finally come. At long last, someone has invented cookie dough that is safe for you to eat without the worry of getting salmonella. This is by far the single best invention since the electricity and the iPhone. As I am writing this, I am about to burst into a happy dance and hear the hallelujah chorus in the distance.

While it is all of the rage in New York City, it’s finally trickling its way down to Connecticut. Recently, I saw a story on WNTH entitled “Cruisin’ Connecticut: The Scoop on The Cookie Dough Craze,” which spotlighted the Connecticut Cookie Company.

Located in Fairfield, the Connecticut Cookie Company gives diners a chance to enjoy cookie dough by the scoop — similar to how one would enjoy a cup of ice cream. And they have a variety of flavors as well –. from Cake Batter to S’mores to the classic chocolate chip.


And, since there is no egg, you can indulge as much as possible without the added guilt of touching the forbidden fruit. But, of course, you shouldn’t have too much at once, as everything should be enjoyed in moderation no matter how delicious it may be.

However, the confections don’t end there. In addition to offering a variety of dough flavors, you can also get cookies already baked as well. And, there are a variety of flavors to choose from — from chocolate chip to toffee to alphabet cookies.

Therefore, it might be worth the road trip from Hamden to Fairfield just to check this place out. But, if I can’t get to the store, I can easily purchase a baker’s dozen of the ready made cookies on the website. However, as a disclaimer, the cookie dough is only available to be purchased at the store, so maybe I will be venturing out there at some point after all.


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