Over two years ago I wrote an article asking what had happened to the Darien Rapist, Alex Kelly.  (You’ll find that article below)

Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was back in the news today… because he wants to buy an airport in Connecticut.  As a refresher, Alex Kelly was a convicted rapist in the 1980’s that used his parent’s money to hide internationally to avoid his jail time.  Eventually he was caught.  He was a rich kid.  He was hiding at five-star ski resorts while his parent’s hid his whereabouts.  Well, fast forward to when he completed his sentence in 2007, he became a skydiving instructor in Ellington, CT.  Right- because that’s who you want strapped to you when you’re jumping out of a plane.  Nevertheless, he climbed the ranks at Connecticut Parachustist Inc. and eventually became their president.  True story.  Things changed last year when his behavior was reported as being “erratic”.  He punched one fellow skydiver on one occasion and grabbed the genitals of another on a separate occasion.  He was asked to resign.  Now he’s looking to start his own parachuting company called  Freefall Aviation LLC and Para-Lease LLC, and has listed his parent’s address in Darien as the company’s operation headquarters.  (How ironic that he still uses Mom and Dad all these years later…)  To add to that, he is looking to BUY Ellington airport that currently has a list price of $2.9 million dollars so he could control the skydiving club’s lease.

Here’s the original article that I published in early 2013:

Whatever Happened to Alex Kelly?

You have to remember this story… He was rich kid from Darien who raped two girls in a matter of four days in 1986.  He was 18-years-old at the time.  One of the girls was a 16-year-old girl from Stamford that he offered a ride home to after a party that he sexually assaulted.  Instead of showing up to his trial, he took off.  Literally.  Fueled by Mommy and Daddy’s riches, he ran away to Europe.

The whole nation was obsessed with the story of the All-American handsome wealthy teenage wrestling star who fled the country to avoid rape charges.  It became less about the poor girls who were violated and more about the disbelief that his parents would finance his international hiding.  His parents claimed that they never knew where he was.  Seven years after his initial disappearance, police raided his parent’s home as they routinely did.  This time they found pictures of them with Alex- Thus proving that they had knowledge of his whereabouts.  (How stupid can you be?  If you’re hiding your kid, the world is looking for him, and your home gets raided often- why would you keep Polaroid’s of your last European ski trip?!)  Police said that they would arrest his parents for obstruction and that’s when rich boy gave up hiding and turned himself in to Switzerland’s authorities.  He was extradited to the United States.  I would imagine hiding in dingy towns in the dark alleyways to avoid being recognized- but not Alex Kelly.  He was skiing the most impressive ski slopes and hang-gliding at the most exclusive European resorts.

After two trials (the first was declared a mistrial) he was sentenced to 17-years in prison for the first rape and pled no contest to the second rape adding an additional 10-years to his sentence.  Despite that sentence, it was only 10-years later in 2007 that he was released from the Bridgeport Correctional Center for “good behavior”.  He was given a GPS ankle-monitoring bracelet and was to serve ten years probation, pay a $10,000 fine (which I’m sure was no big deal for Mommy and Daddy), community service, and had to register with the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry.

So, what happened to this creep?  I have to tell you- It wasn’t easy to find out.  After all, he spent years hiding in Europe; it was going to take a lot of Googling to find him now…  but I think I did.  Even though many of the “not official” sex offender registries had him listed as a Darien resident, I had a feeling that wasn’t accurate.  I just know that if a convicted rapist was still hanging out in Darien, it would be common knowledge.  After more digging and finally finding him on the official registry, an address popped up in Ellington, Connecticut.  What’s Alex Kelly doing in Ellington?  He’s a Drop Zone Manager at Connecticut Parachutists.  That’s right folks… If you want to skydive, Alex Kelly can be your teacher.  Once I figured that out, it was easy to find more info- including his Linked In account.  I guess you can argue that he’s allowed to have a normal life now.  He’s served his time- but of course there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered- Like why weren’t his parents ever arrested for helping him hide from authorities? Or why did he only serve ten-years for two convicted rapes?  But my biggest question is- Who the hell would want to go skydiving with Alex Kelly?


Here’s what he’s up to now:


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