Imagine you buy a home, move your family into it, and then weird things start to happen.  What if toys started to move unexpectedly, you hear noises constantly, then you have a nightmare that a demon is sucking the life out of you? It would really be terrifying if you woke up and had scars on your arms from that attack and realized it wasn’t a dream.

All that happened and exists in Enfield, Connecticut.  Jay and Elke Yaple have appeared on a few different television shows that tell their story.  Personally, if I was convinced there was a demon in my home, I would pack up and get out immediately, but not this family.  They endured the crazy things that happened.  The house is two hundred years old and has a history of surprising deaths and suicides in it’s gruesome past.

What I have found confusing is that each television show tells a different story.  In one show, Elke is pregnant with the twins and is pushed down stairs by a force.  In the other episode, the girls are older and have an imaginary friend named Casey which ends up being the demon.

Hm.  That I don’t understand, but in a Facebook thread I did find a response from Jay Yaple addressing the claims that they were “fakes”.  Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.39.48 PM

Here’s what I do know for certain, Orlando Ferrante who is part of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society has investigated this home and claims it was one of the most intense experiences of his paranormal ghost-hunting life.  There’s certainly a haunted force in that home- and it’s in our backyard.

A Haunting S07E10 Shape of Evil by horror_motion


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