It’s been a while since we here at CT Boom have brought up the Department of Motor Vehicles. For months and months, we watched closely and wrote tirelessly as the Connecticut DMV screwed up again and again and again and again and again.

Eventually, all that bad news just had to be summed up with a sigh and the admission that our DMV sucks really bad and that’s not going to change for a while. And since we admitted that, we kind of stopped writing. We were defeated by the sheer badness of the whole situation.

But today, my personal outrage is reinvigorated by the audacity of the DMV in this latest screw up. According to WFSB, the DMV’s now-infamous computer system updates may have created inaccurate registrations for roughly 50,000 people across Connecticut. That means registrations may include old or completely incorrect addresses, and that tax bills could be sent to those 50,000 people from towns they’ve never lived in, let alone owned a car in.

Ok, so that’s a problem, but that’s the kind of nonsense I’ve come to expect from the DMV. It’s this quote in the WFSB story from representatives at the Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers and the Connecticut Tax Collector’s Association that really puts the whole thing over the top and into a new category:

“It is important that if anyone receives a tax bill from the wrong town, they contact the town that issued the bill as soon as possible so that the bill can be forwarded to the correct town. If anyone receives a tax bill from the wrong town, it is important that they do not ignore the incorrect tax bill.”

EXCUSE ME!? How is this our problem? The people affected by this likely did things by the book. They waited in line. They filled out the paperwork. They registered their cars in the right towns. All of that, only to see the DMV squander their time and effort by screwing up the records during a system-wide update. And now, the tax collectors and the DMV have the gumption to look at the steaming pile of garbage they created, turn to those 50,000 people, and say, “Yeah, you’re not gonna want to ignore this. You shouldn’t definitely do something about it.”

We should do something about it!? How about YOU PEOPLE do something about it? You’re the ones who created the problem, now you should be the ones who solve it! Stop passing the buck onto us and take some responsibility for yourselves!

I don’t want to encourage anyone to ignore a tax bill, even if it’s wrong, because the odds are that the state isn’t going to do THE RIGHT THING, let it slide, and send you a corrected bill. They’ll somehow blame you for not paying up. So by all means, do what the man is saying and point it out to somebody if your tax bill is from the wrong town or something.

But for goodness sake, how can a government organization in the middle of a meltdown spanning more than a year do this? This is why the whole thing just needs to be knocked down to the studs and rebuilt as a private organization. The DMV has proven time and again that it doesn’t know how to fix itself and, at this point, we all know it isn’t worth saving.

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