It’s been over two months since you made your New Years Resolutions, and we know some of them probably haven’t stuck. But don’t worry, no one can blame you for letting your fitness goals fall by the wayside. Life is a busy thing, after all.

But what would you say if we told you that, right here in Connecticut, there is a gym that can make you fall in love with fitness? A gym with a staff whose energy and expertise cannot be matched? A gym with space, available equipment, and phenomenal classes?

Well it exists, it’s called The EDGE Fitness Clubs, and we’re willing to bet you’ve never nodded your head as aggressively as you are now. And if that’s the case, please be careful – vigorous nodding like that is only sustainable for so long.

So pause your nodding and realize that your health and fitness don’t need to be things that get in the way of life – they can become parts of it. With 10 locations throughout Connecticut, The EDGE Fitness Clubs are never too far out of the way. And, perhaps most important of all, a number of their locations are open 24 hours. Yes, you read that correctly: 24 hours. So when you want to go for a jog at 2AM on a Thursday, they’ll be there. When you want to do push-ups and crunches at lunch-time, they’ll be there. Your routine is their routine and you never have to give it a second thought.

Of course, once you walk through the door you’ll understand. Each location is spacious and clean, with separate rooms for various activities, including spinning and other classes. The personal trainers are top notch and know how to balance your fitness goals with staying healthy and not overworking your body. And the amenities make your visit to the gym a stress-free experience, with everything from child care services to juice bars.

Now while you’re more than welcome to resume nodding your head, we’d encourage you to hold out just a little longer. After all, it’ll be awfully hard to read more about The EDGE Fitness Clubs if your eyes can’t focus for more than two seconds.

Photo via Facebook/The EDGE Fitness Clubs

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