The Emmys and the Grammys are the only two awards shows I’ve ever really cared about. The Oscars are ridiculously overrated, and the other awards shows are boring and don’t hold the weight of the “prestigious” awards.

I mean, think about it. Is “Peoples Choice Award Nominee” and “Teen Choice Award Winner” better than “Emmy Winning” or “Grammy Nominated”? No way.

The Emmys aren’t until September, but the nominees for the 2016-2017 season came out today via press conference.

Saturday Night Live and HBO’s new drama Westworld got the most nominations (22) in all categories, followed by Netflix’s Stranger Things and FEUD: Bette and Joan (18) and HBO’s political satire Veep (17). Leading the nominations in totals by platform were HBO (110), Netflix (91) and NBC (60).

It was really great to see some newcomers wrack up some awards, like Donald Glover for his incredible show Atlanta, about growing up in the city, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, and the haunting The Handmaid’s Tale, that has been dominating TV talk this season.

Of course, some old favorites got nominated such as The Simpsons, Drunk History (if you haven’t seen it, it’s a great show), and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Every show that was nominated was well deserved, something I don’t often remark about awards shows.

To see the full list of nominees, click here.


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