With so much pressure for Connecticut’s GOP to recapture the majority, chances are that things will stay exactly the way they are.

Hardly anyone is donating to the congressional GOP candidates.  That means, they don’t have money to buy ad space or time on television, which are critical instruments in reaching undecided voters.

Is it the Trump effect?  Is it corruption?  Who knows!

What we do know is that donors are practically shunning the Connecticut GOP and haven’t given any indication as to why.

CT Mirror reports that the only U.S. House candidate to have bothered with television ads is 5th  District Democrat Elizabeth Esty.  Her fundraising is outpacing her GOP rival, Clay Cope, 18-1.

The Mirror reports that the Republican congressional campaigns have raised just under $300,000.  This marks an all-time low in Republican fundraising in the state.  For such a wealthy state and donors itching to help the candidates they believe will serve them best, it’s odd that none of the GOP candidates have even cracked the $1 million fundraising mark.

On the Democrats side, the picture couldn’t be more different.  All five candidates have raked in a collective $7.1 million.  It probably doesn’t hurt that they all happen to be incumbents.

Richard Foley, a former state GOP chairman, says the root cause of the lack of money is due to “donor fatigue.”  His forecast was dismal, saying, “There is only so much water in the well, and eventually you run out.”

This also extends to the senate race between Senator Blumenthal and his Republican challenger, Dan Carter.  While Blumenthal has raked in over $6 million in fundraising, Carter has just cracked $100k.

So, is this the end of the GOP in Connecticut?  It’s so weird that just a few months ago, reports were predicting the state would turn red this election cycle.

On the bright side, less annoying campaign commercials.  On the downside, if fundraising indicates how the state is gonna vote this year, it looks like nothing is going to change in Connecticut.  Actually, should every incumbent keep their seat, it looks like things will only get worse.

That’s just my prediction, anyways.

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