You know him from Saturday Night Live, Deuce Bigalow, and Real Rob.  Rob Schneider, the man of many talents and comedy accolades, returns to Foxwoods this Friday.

Not many comedians have been able to replicate Rob Schneider’s success.  Not to mention, Schneider’s rapid rise to fame at the tender age of 25.  It’s because he knew what he wanted to do from the beginning.

Schneider started working the stand up circuit while he was still in high school.   He gradually built a name for himself by appearing on local radio programs before opening up for acclaimed comic Dennis Miller.  That scored him an opening on HBO’s 13th Annual Young Comedians Special, which opened the doors for him at NBC.

He quickly graduated from writing Saturday Night Live to becoming a cast member in the span of two years.  America fell in love with characters such as The Richmeister and The Sensitive Naked Man.



Plus, his bromance with Adam Sandler bloomed while on the set of SNL.  And, so, the rest was history.

Now, with several films under his belt and a lucrative career in voice over work, Schneider became a household name.  His writing skills, paired with his ability to become the characters he plays, along with his sharp wit kept his Hollywood star burning bright.

In 2010, returned to his stand up roots and hasn’t stopped touring the country since.

Now, this Friday, you get to see the legend yourself at Foxwoods Resort Casino.  Not only will he give you a hefty dose of laughter, you also get a front row seat to his crazy life story about his sudden rise to fame.

Grab a $32 ticket before they’re gone, too!  Plus, with an 8pm showtime, grab a meal before or after the show at one of Foxwoods’ many indulgent restaurants.  Also, make it a weekend getaway!   Foxwoods has several hotel package deals going on right now!

Either way, you don’t want to miss Rob Schneider this Friday at 8pm.  You can only imagine what he has planned for you there!

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