It’s election eve here in Connecticut. After months of campaigning, attack ads, and debates it all comes down to this.

Today at 8:30am Tom Foley and Dan Malloy will debate for the FINAL time before tomorrow’s big gubernatorial election. To make things even more interesting, the debate will be happening live on Chaz & AJ In The Morning. Anyone within earshot of 99.1 PLR, 102.9 DRC, or 95.9 The FOX will be able to hear Foley and Malloy duke it out one last time.

With all the questions coming from listeners of Chaz & AJ this should make for a truly EPIC final debate.

Since this debate will be airing on three rock stations, here are some questions we expect rock radio listeners will be asking the candidates today:


1. What is your plan to finally make weed legal in Connecticut?


2. How will you keep New Haven and Bridgeport off the all the “Most Dangerous Cities In America” lists?


via WFSB


3. Will booze be for sale on Sundays? Follow-up: When will it be legal to drink in the street?


4. What is your plan to get Led Zeppelin and/or The Rolling Stones here to Connecticut?




More exciting than anything else… based on this Chaz and AJ Facebook post about an hour ago there may or may not be a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘EM Robots match happening between Foley and Malloy. Which will be amazing.






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