Sunday was Football Christmas for most of America. The first weekend of the NFL regular season. There is nothing quite like it. The weather was incredible is pretty much every single city that an NFL game was being played. People cranked up for football. Exciting games all day. It’s a thing of beauty really.

While all the games were very entertaining the one match-up everyone was anticipating was Patriots-Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. Mostly because of the QB drama that has been brewing in New England with Tom Brady serving the first week of his 4-game Deflatgate suspension. With the Patriots’ “young kid” backup QB Jimmy Garoppollo getting his first regular season start and Brady nowhere to be found this was the ultimate juicy story line. Or so we thought…

All of that attention was immediately squashed when #FakeBrady began trending on Twitter yesterday. I’m not even really sure how to describe this creature that showed up in Arizona for the Pats-Cards game Sunday night. A mask? Makeup job? Plastic surgery? Just some freakish “Free Brady!” Boston Bro? Either way it’s the creepiest most intriguing thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

Forget Stranger Things and the upside down monster I will see YOU in my nightmares, Fake Tom Brady.


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