For the past 20 years, something dark has overcome Fairview Tree Farm in Shelton every October. As the sun sets and black night falls over the land, the sounds of roaring chainsaws, shrill screams, and demonic yells are all your senses can pick up.

Logic might tell you that those sounds are not something to go toward, but every Halloween season thousands of people defy reason and step into the woods to experience Legends of Fear, the most terrifying Halloween experience you can find in Connecticut.

And when I stepped into those woods over the weekend, I had no idea what I was getting into. Sure, I had been to Legends of Fear before. I had experienced the terror of never knowing where the next creature is lurking. I knew I should be prepared. But as Legends of Fear turns 20 years old this October, they are taking things to a new level.

Over the past several months, the crew at Fairview Tree Farm – dubbed “Fearview” for the Halloween season – has worked tireless constructing full-scale and immersive scenes for both their haunted hayride and Melonhead Revenge walking trail. Everything from a massive, intricately detailed animatronic wolf and a full walk-through haunted church scene to a backwoods butcher sequence and something I will only describe as “The Dark Barn” which was perhaps my favorite scare of the night. Just take a look and you’ll understand:

Suffice to say, Fearview is where the Halloween spirit lives this fall. With up to a dozen tractors running each night for the hayride, hidden trivia throughout the attractions, and, of course, the creepiest clowns Connecticut has to offer, Legends of Fear is the only stop you need to make to get your Halloween heart pumping.

You can do just that every weekend night from 7PM to 10PM at Fairview Tree Farm located at 2 Saw Mill City Road in Shelton, Connecticut. You can buy tickets online here or at the box office when it opens at 6PM.

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