There’s always one in a crowd, whether online or in real life. Somebody just has to ruin things for everybody else.

Somebody thought it would be funny to damage people’s personal light displays, and don’t get me wrong I’m not one to really decorate for Christmas. BUT there are some people who work extremely hard to put up lights, sometimes so much so they leave the displays up year round (which I find weird).

Anyways. that’s trespassing on ¬†personal property and doing damage to it is not only wrong but criminal, not exactly a smart prank. Plus using metal wire cutters to snip live light displays, is shall we say, dumb. Electrocution is no joke, and neither is this prank.

As of writing this blog the Grinch of Rocky Hill/Middletown has not been found.


Story and Photo via WFSB Channel 3

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