The past few years, the singing monster light faces have the Internet all abuzz every October. We’ve seen everything from “Thriller” to “This Is Halloween” and people just go crazy for them.

Most people don’t realize you can actually do it yourself – sells the faces, pre-programmed to a rather extensive music library that they add to each year. But it’s not limited to just Halloween-type songs.

Steve Jandick is the Naperville, Illinois homeowner who goes totally overboard with decorating his house. It’s not that he puts up tombstones and skeletons – he does the massive display with the faces that sing along to famous hit songs. And he’s at it again this year, and is super into alternative:

The one that’s starting to go viral this year is his version of Kongos “Come With Me Now”:

There’s M83’s “Midnight City”:

How about his random version of “Intro” by the XX:

But he’s not just into alt – this year he’s got a Katy Perry display, one for Lady Gaga, and, amazingly, Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode”:

Image: YouTube

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