You definitely want to keep hydrated because it’s going to feel like 100 degrees today!  It’s all thanks to an extra-special healthy serving of humidity that’s turning our air into soup.   Anyways, it sounds like the perfect day to engage in that age-old experiment of seeing how long it’ll take to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

A heat advisory has been issued in Fairfield, Hartford, New Haven, and Middlesex counties.   Temperatures will peak around 95 this afternoon, with tomorrow predicted to be even hotter.  Not only that, but we might be facing scattered thunderstorms later this evening if we experience more sunshine than clouds.

With that said, be smart when you go outside today.  Use sunscreen, keep water on you, and be sure to not leave your pets outside or in the car.

Cooling stations have been opened around the state and you can find out where there’s one near you by calling 2-1-1

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