Just when we all thought we were finally safe at the gas pump.   This had to happen. Once again, our gas prices jumped back into being among of the most expensive in the nation.

Stamford Daily Voice reports that our gas prices climbed an entire two spots to return to the top 10.  Yes, Connecticut is back to being the 10th most expensive state when it comes to filling up your gas tank.

Kinda sad news considering we enjoyed some of the lowest prices over the July 4th holiday weekend, too.  Well, we enjoyed that false sense of security while it lasted.

And AAA Northeast says we will only feel more pain at the pump as the summer lingers on.  As of now, gas prices climbed about 2 cents the past week, putting the state average at $2.48 a gallon.

As it stands, Fairfield County continues to enjoy the most expensive gas in the state, with prices averaging around $2.55.

Meanwhile, New Haven county enjoys some of the least expensive prices, at $2.45 a gallon.

The national average currently rests at $2.35.

However, the stark increase in demand as families scramble to squeeze in that last holiday getaway drove up the the price of crude oil.  Some experts predict barrel prices could return to upwards of $50.

OPEC and non-OPEC countries should be meeting sometime soon to go over ideas to stabalize the market. However, that won’t stop gas prices from going up.

Sure, that’s nowhere close to their all-time high of $100, which heralded the dreaded $3 to $4 a gallon prices.  But, we might get a little close to the old times.  California’s average price of a gallon of gas edged up to $2.96, so it could happen.

You know, industry greed.  It’s a thing.

So, be sure to keep your wallet lined with cash to enjoy that 10 cent discount.  You’re gonna need it.    When do you think gas prices will start going down?


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