If you need me, I’ll be in the corner doing my best Darth Vader “NOOOO” impression.  Because the ultimate summer food is in jeopardy!  Apparently, there’s a shortage of our beloved fried clam strips.

WTNH reports that seafood restaurants and shacks sounded the alarm.  Turns out their distributors warned them of a significant shortage affecting their supplies.  So, if you love your clam strips, better eat them now.

Supposedly, a major clam harvester caused the shortage because of boat troubles.  During the summer months, they usually have ten boats out in the water. Unfortunately, about four of those boats are out of commission.

Which means, for us, they can’t get as big of a haul as they have years prior.

Clam bushels are reportedly down 50 percent because of this.  Since it’s unknown when the entire fleet will be back up and running, clam strip supplies will continue to dwindle.

Also, clams are apparently hard to come by.  Boaters say that they usually haul about 100 bushels of clams a day.  Now, it’s thirty.

Considering reports of a marine mass exodus due to warming waters, this could be related.  But, it’s too early to tell.

Meanwhile, your local favorite seafood spot will make sure they don’t run out of fried clam strips since they’re the most popular item on the menu.

Susan Tierney, owner of Capt. Scott’s Lobster Dock, told WTNH: “I have been ordering more than I usually do and then I’m getting less than actually what I ordered. Just to be safe.”

Also, it’s good to note that seafood shacks don’t plan on jacking up the price for fried clam strips.  So, at least you have that to look forward to!

No need to panic.  Yet.

What’s your favorite seafood?  Me?  I’m a steamers girl, myself.  So, obviously, this news concerns me a little.  Hopefully everything resolves itself soon.

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