Taylor Swift took the stand yesterday to testify against David Muller, who had sexually assaulted her in 2013. The 10-time Grammy award winner, known for hits such as “We Are (Never Ever) Getting Back Together,” “Blank Space,” and “Style” claims that the Colorado DJ grabbed and clutched her bare bottom during a pre-concert fan reception.

According to an article Slate entitled “Taylor Swift’s Sexual Assault Testimony Was Sharp, Gutsy, and Satisfying,” Swift stated she felt “violated” as well as “visibly uncomfortable” as he “had a handful of my a**.”

The article then stated the reason why they had not brought the matter to police was because they didn’t want the singer to be known primarily for that. Instead, they contacted Muller’s employer, resulting in him getting fired. Muller then sued Swift for $3 million for costing him his job. Swift then countersued for $1.

What many don’t realize is how important her trial and her testimony is. According to Rainn, only 344 out of every 1,000 rapes and sexual assaults are reported to police. What is even more troubling is that, according to the site out of every 1,000 rapes, 994 perpetrators will walk free.
This is simply not acceptable.

What no one realizes is the importance of Swift speaking out against her perpetrator. Swift is seeking justice — something many often don’t get. By speaking out — especially since she is viewed as a role model to several young girls — Swift is the step in the right direction to give women the courage to say something when something happens.

Of course, I could imagine the psychological toll that it is taking on Swift. By seeking justice, she not only has to relive the event, also but face her perpetrator. I can not imagine the distress that she is experiencing
But, what she is doing is still amazing. When someone does something without your consent, whether it’s grope you or force themselves on you, it is rape. If someone makes you uncomfortable, then it is not up to you to dismiss it, but speak up. No one should ever have the right to make you feel like that in any sort of situation no matter where you are.

In addition to that, let’s think about the amount of emotional distress a victim of assault and rape goes through. According to the Rape Victim Advocates, rape and assault victims experience a number of symptoms — both physically, psychologically and emotionally. These symptoms include: nightmares, anxiety, guilt/shame, increase of startle response, and a change in eating and sleeping habits.

And, those are only a few symptoms they experience.

It is not fair for someone to walk free after causing trauma to that degree. Therefore I applaud Taylor Swift for taking the stands to only bring justice, but awareness. Thanks to her, it must just give women who felt their voice was taken away the courage to speak up. Therefore, it’s a step in a right direction.


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