Alright Frankie…

If you’re a fan of both internet culture and pizza you’ve probably seen Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy (also known as Davey Pageviews) eating slices and giving out scores all over New York City. You’ve probably even said “one bite, everybody knows the rules” more than a few times while eating pizza.

The One Bite video reviews have become so popular that there is even merch and a dedicated app now where you can do your own reviews. Just maker sure you don’t give a rookie score.

Dave occasionally ventures outside of NYC to review pizza around the country. He’s been all over, but not to New Haven! Until now.

Finally, after being hassled by everyone in Connecticut apparently, he made his way to New Haven to “try ’em all”. His first stop was Modern.

UPDATE: He did Pepe’s

UPDATE: Sally’s


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