American Football near the Fifty Yard Line

In the latest episode of The Intersection Podcast with Jason Page, WE TALK FOOTBALL! Former NFL Safety Nick Ferguson stops by the podcast to talk about the top stories around the league heading into Week 4. The Dolphins were shut down in Cincinnati on Thursday night 22-7.

In this episode Jason and Nick discuss:

  • The season-ending back surgery for Texans defensive star JJ Watt. Whose fault is it?
  • The comparison the between the NFL and other sports in terms of rushing players back to the game.
  • Nick’s visit to the league office in New York. He explains why he was there and talks about his conversation with Commissioner Roger Goodell.
  • Why are NFL ratings down this season?
  • Is the AFC South the worst division in the NFL?
  • Is Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley on the “hot seat?”
  • NFL Player Protests- Does Nick like them?
  • We wrap up the interview with The Randoms… 4 questions on the most random topics for Nick.


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