american football stadium

In Episode 4 of The Intersection Podcast, we talk about the NFL with Russell Baxter of He’s one of the top NFL Writers you will ever hear from. We are 1/4 of the way through the NFL Season. What are the top storylines? Below you will find a listing of the topics we discussed.

5:50- Time to worry about Odell Beckham if you are the Giants?

7:30- Why are ratings down? Quality of play? Excessive penalties?

14:00- Panthers and Cardinals are 1-3. Which is of greater concern?

16:15- Thoughts on the Patriots with Brady coming back from his suspension.

20:14- Does this Dez Bryant story have a happy ending?

21:54- Are the Raiders for real at 3-1? Rams at 3-1?

26:00- Who will be the starting QB come the postseason in Denver?

29:44- “What have I learned?” My commentary regarding the track record of insensitivity of Donald Trump.

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