Connecticut officially no longer has any towns or cities that legally bans alcohol.  While some areas are dry because of “small town syndrome” (No liquor stores or restaurants) Bridgewater, Connecticut was the only town that still had a ban of alcohol in the books.  That ended for the small town of about 1700 people.  It’s most famous resident is Mia Farrow.  Actually, most of the people that make up the town enjoy the privacy and seclusion of the area.  But last year, after the town almost lost their ONLY school, people decided it was time to breathe life back into the town.  Hence getting rid of the dumbest old law they have.  It passed 608 (yes) to 226 (no).  The craziest part of that is that 226 people actually said no.  What makes this entire situation so much more nutty is that there’s no liquor stores or restaurants in the town.  Maybe this will be what the town needs to actually get a restaurant to come to the area.

So they passed this bill… for pretty much nothing.

Next, they hope to pass a law to allow restaurants in the downtown area.  I’m confused how they have a “downtown” area without any liquor stores or restaurants.  Soon women will be allowed to vote there too.  (We’re kidding.  Kind of.)


Source: NBC Connecticut

Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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