Some people are born lucky.  25-year-old Chandler Wiegard is basically the luckiest.

CT Post reports that the state gave Wiegard and his fiancee the biggest welcome gift in the history of ever.  A winning lottery ticket.

Turns out Wiegard won on a pure fluke.  And it was all because he was being a nice guy.

While waiting to test his luck at the OHM Grocery Mart in Orange, he let an woman cut in front of him.   The same woman happened to buy a Cashword 3 game.

Wiegard said “I was trying to be nice and let her go first.”

It pays to be nice.   It pays a lot to be nice.

Because, he bought the same ticket as her, which turned out to be the grand prize.  $250,000!

So, what have we learned today?  Be nice to people and don’t cut the line.  If not, you do not pass go nor will you collect $250,000.  Nor will you earn the title of Connecticut’s luckiest man.

So, what is Weigard doing with his handsome lump of cash?   Well, he isn’t going to Vegas.  Or anywhere.

He told the Post that he’ll use the money to, “help with the house, bills and I’ll save it for kids later.”

As for what he  thinks of Connecticut… yeah, he likes the state very much.  Let’s see how long that outlook lasts after he pays his property taxes.


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