If you are a Kevin Smith fan it’s no secret that Kevin and his old Silent Bob Clerks buddy/sidekick “Jay” (Jason Mewes) have remained friends over the years in real life.

If you’ve followed Kevin Smith REALLY closely via his SModcast you know that Jason Mewes has been through more than a few struggles along the way as well as a few falling-out’s with Kevin. But through it all the Jay and Silent Bob we all grew to love from Clerks to Mallrats to Dogma to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back all the way to Clerks II even, have remained best pals in real life.

It was never more apparent then last night when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed while in a turkey-stuffing-mashed potato-apple pie induced food coma and came across this amazing post from Kevin Smith.


“Pie!” says I. Happy Thanksgiving from me & @jaymewes!

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Man, to be at THAT Thanksgiving table. I would have paid top dollar.

Snoochie Boochies.


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