The New York Times is REALLY outdoing it’s high standard of journalism nowadays. I mean, this is some really impressive research. Actually it’s just an analysis of Google Searches, but now answers are finally given:

What weird side dish are we all googling here in the nutmeg state? *Drum Roll* BUTTERNUT SQUASH CASSEROLE! Sounds delicious and I also have no idea how to make that, which makes sense why other people in Connecticut are googling the recipe. Butternut squash casserole was google searched 5 times more in our home state than anywhere else in the country.

Popovers, the delicious yorkshire pudding muffin thing, was the 2nd most distinctively searched food. By the way, if you have never had popovers, go beg someone’s Grandma to make them for you. They are really the best things ever. I used to eat them breakfast-style with maple syrup and butter, but most eat them as a savory carb side with their meat and gravy (most commonly with roast beef and Au Jus, but hey turkey and gravy work too). It’s a British thing.

Now I’m getting hungry.

Here is the rest of the list of the interesting food we like to google in Connecticut (the number next to it indicates the amount we are googling compared to the rest of the nation. Example- Connecticut googles creamed onions 4 times more than any other state):

“creamed onions” 4
“stuffed mushrooms” 4
“coconut custard pie” 3
“spanakopita” 3
“chocolate cream pie” 3
“sausage stuffing” 3
“string bean casserole” 3
“butternut squash soup” 3

What are you serving this year? I’m liking the food Connecticut is Googling. This state makes me proud.

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