I’m not sure if you drive the Post Road in Milford every day like I do, but if so you are familiar with this corner just before the Merritt on-ramp.

I laugh every time I drive by it because clearly this billboard is owned by some crazy person who just puts up whatever is on their mind. It’s always something even crazier than before. I don’t even disagree with this one. He’s not wrong about Malloy. But it’s just hilarious to me the image of a guy in his basement thinking up his next wacky billboard.

Clearly Trump, Kasich, or Cruz should host a rally in this parking lot.

The other sneaky best part about this corner is that it’s a “USA Fuel” gas station. That, wait for it… is now closed and abandoned. Oh the irony, metaphoric, hilarity of it all. Word can’t express how entertained I am by this corner on a daily basis.

Never change Milford Post Road Political Billboard Guy, never change.


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