Man, this is tough one. There are so many amazing bars here in Connecticut, I can’t even think of which one would bring in the most people. Luckily, Buzzfeed has teamed up with the app Foursquare , to let us know where everyone is eating and drinking in the Nutmeg state. This basically means Foursquare looked at the place with the most “check in’s”.

And the results are in………

The most popular bar is……..

J. Timonthy’s Taverne.

I have never heard of this place, but I want to go solely based on the way they spell “tavern”.

Looking at their website, it seems like they have some pretty awesome food. I guess the best dish to order are the “dirt wings”. You can see a picture of their wings on their Yelp page, where they have really great reviews too.

The “dirt wings” are an original of J. Timonthy’s. This is the description of them from their site:

The “dirt” wing was invented at J. Timothy’s Taverne. Even though other places do call their wings “dirty-style” please do not accept substitutes. Our Dirt Wings are fried, sauced, fried again and sauced again. Some people call this double-sauced, double- fried. We just call ‘em dirt! It results in a wing that is a caramelized and a bit bit crispier.There will be charred bits. They are delicious! They are not burnt! That is the sauce caramelized on the wing.

YUMMMMMMMM! I need to go to “the most popular bar in CT”. If not for imbibing, then definitely for some “dirt wings”. Have you been there?

J. Timonthy Taverne is located at 143 New Britain Ave in Plainville.

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