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  1. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I had very low expectations going into this show. I knew very little going in, only that it had been described to me as “Seinfeld on crack”, and I knew even less about the incredible cast. It’s Always Sunny documents the lives of friends and owners of a bar in Philadelphia: Mac, an incredibly religious and homophobic closeted gay man, Dee, an aspiring actress with stage fright, Dennis, a borderline sociopath, Charlie, an illiterate man who is obsessed with and stalks a waitress at the coffee shop across the street, and Frank, possible father of Dennis and Dee who made his millions from pyramid schemes.

The humor is raunchy and tackles hard issues with grace, and without feeling like it’s a “special episode” dedicated to the issue. They hit you right out of the gate with season 1 episode 1 entitled “The Gang Gets Racist”, where the gang tries to prove they aren’t racist through their usual antics, and episode 2, “Charlie Wants an Abortion”, where the guys go to a Planned Parenthood protest just to pick up girls.

The episodes are all around 20 minutes a piece, and the humor will actually make you laugh aloud. I got through all 11 seasons on Netflix in about a month, and season 12 will be on there soon. The show is written, produced, and created by the main actors, so it’s genuine throughout all the season. The humor is controversial, but if you can take it, it’s one of the most amazingly written shows on television and on Netflix.

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