Emjoi has quickly become a universal language for people around the world. Whether you are sending a smiley face text, writing a witty hashtag on Twitter or adding the “poop” emjoi to your Snapchat story everyone is using them and everyone wants more.

We saw the power of emoji craze when the internet campaigned for a taco emoji until Apple finally caved and added to their latest keyboard. Dominos now let’s people order pizza with the power of an emoji.

If all these emojis can exist why can’t we have specific Connecticut themed ones?!

Here is our top 10 list of the most wanted Connecticut Emojis.

10. Malloy Face

9. Metro North Train Car

8. Chaz & AJ heads

7. 95 Highway Sign

6. Two Roads Van

5. UCONN Huskie

4. Pepe’s Pizza Slice

3. Whaler logo

2. Lego emoji

1.  Yard Goat

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